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We help leaders create great change

We believe in the power of human beings to solve the future’s most complex problems and secure a better future for everyone. We aim to bring together the world’s greatest concentration of human ingenuity to help our clients imagine and build a better future, turning commercial success into an engine for lasting progress and shared prosperity.

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  • A new kind of partner

    We live in a world where everything is happening at once. Technological innovation. Social upheaval. Ecological impact. Everything affects everything else–profoundly and immediately.

    The companies that succeed in this complexity will be those with the courage and agility to act on new opportunities. And for that success to last, sustainable growth is an imperative.

    We believe businesses need a new kind of partner. One that can help them to make the bold decisions they need to reach scale while staying true to their values.

  • Who are we

    We are Eidra, a consultancy collective made up of the best companies within consulting, creativity, and engineering. 

    We’re built to provide leaders with the concentrated expertise they need to drive commercial advantage at speed. With a foundation of management consultancy, we orchestrate the process from strategy to execution.

    We help leaders create great change:
    Change that is conscious, inspired by a perspective beyond the purely commercial.

    Change that is exponential, driving beyond the boardroom to fundamentally reshape the commercial context.

    Change that is lasting and that lays the foundations for the prosperous future we all believe in.

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We orchestrate consulting, creativity and engineering to drive great change, from strategy to execution

Our journey

  • 2024
    ARC becomes Eidra

    Eidra launches, reflecting the continued journey ahead. Eidra is a manifestation of bigger ambitions, more members of the consultancy collective, and an ambition to create great change. The group is also joined by Norwegian agency network Oceans, consisting of Alexander Reklamebyrå, Los & Co, Modulaer, Neue, and tba.

  • 2023
    Proof of concept in Europe and expanding into the US

    Consulting offer in the Netherlands is launched, building a proof of concept in Europe. Simultaneously, the group expands into the US with value offer expansion primarily within Brand, Marketing and Experience, and Innovation, Technology and Data.

  • 2022
    Expanding into Europe

    The group is further established in Norway through acquisition of Heydays and Goods, and also expands into Europe with Fabrique and Q42 joining, established in the Netherlands.

  • 2021
    Adding Innovation, Tech and Data to the group

    At the beginning of the year, Nameless.today (later part of Above) is founded. Umain and Above join the journey in the fall. The three companies lay the foundation for the Innovation, Tech and Data capability.

  • 2020
    ARC is launched

    ARC Arise Consulting Group launches and Cupole joins the family.

  • 2019
    Group X is founded

    Kurppa Hosk, Animal, Keybroker and Curamando come together to build a new challenger. 300 pioneering management consultants and digital experts – brought together to make our clients winners in a transformative landscape.