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By combining our different perspectives and skills, and masterfully orchestrating our capabilities towards a common end-goal, we employ an approach to change that sets us apart. Convinced that bringing together the best experts, the brightest thinkers and the most passionate doers is the best way to bring about meaningful and lasting change for businesses and brands.

  • Polestar

    Support in scaling an EV player through a digital-first and data-driven approach

    Polestar, a design-focused luxury electric performance car brand, needed support to rapidly scale its marketing capabilities and organization to meet an aggressive global business plan. Eidra worked with Polestar employees to help build a new scalable Brand & Marketing department. We also delivered a global digital channel assessment to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and growth.Eidra is now an integrated part of the organization, working side-by-side with Polestar employees in project management, digital marketing, analytics and BI, CRM and lead management, content production, product ownership, UX design, user research, CRO, and SEO.

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  • Alleima

    Eidra companies in collaboration

    Defining and designing a brand for a new global leader in steel technology

    Establishing Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT) as a separate entity sparked a three-year-long strategic and creative partnership with Eidra to design and activate an entirely new global brand and an international launch campaign. SMT’s rebrand to Alleima® was arguably the most closely watched rebrand in Swedish industrial history.Eidra supported Alleima with everything from the naming and brand strategy to bespoke typography and digital design. Furthermore, Eidra built the Alleima brand portal and designed their uniforms and packaging, signage, and wayfinding. Eidra also planned and launched a new global campaign, “The Unbreakable Contract,” to reassure the brand’s quality and core values while creating excitement and engagement around the new brand and its future.

    • 5500

      Employees impacted by new brand and entity

    • 90

      Markets where Alleima is present

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    House with Alleimas logo on top.

  • Samsung

    Growing the business through a full-funnel marketing approach

    Samsung is one of the world's top five most valuable brands and a significant media buyer in the Nordic markets. As a long-term partner, Eidra is working very closely with the in-house team at Samsung to lead the marketing communication efforts. Eidra rolls out global product launches across four Nordic markets and develops local brand campaigns to increase awareness and preference for Samsung's products. With a lower funnel D2C market strategy, we harvest the increased interest to drive traffic to Samsung's e-commerce and partner retailers. A tactical plan has been designed to improve the conversion rate and generate growth. An Eidra team implemented the findings with Samsung, achieving cost-efficient and rapid growth.

    • +145%

      Increased number of orders (YOY)

    • +52%

      Increased traffic (YOY)

    • +61%

      Increased conversion rate (YOY)

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  • H&M

    Eidra companies in collaboration

    Project StyleGen: Precision and creativity in fashion design with AI

    Fashion is an ideal domain for generative AI, blending its organic, fluid nature with the beauty of imperfection and the allure of creative hallucinations. In the StyleGen project, the Eidra AI team collaborated with H&M’s fashion design team to explore the potential of generative AI in the early phases of the fashion design process.Our approach involved:Finetuning of Low Adaptation Rank Models (LoRA): Tailoring models to align closely with H&M’s design language.Style Transfer with Image Prompts (IPAdapters): Using image prompts to apply specific styles to AI-generated designs.Controlnets: Steering and guiding the generative process to adhere to H&M’s design standards and aesthetic preferences.The collaboration enabled H&M’s design teams to transform initial garment sketches into high-quality studio photos with remarkable speed and accuracy. The results showcased the immense potential of generative AI in revolutionizing fashion design workflows.

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  • Rijksmuseum

    Eidra companies in collaboration

    Twenty years of collaboration on the cutting edge of digital museum experiences

    A visit to a museum is a visceral experience. Immersive, impressive, an exploration into materiality and concepts. Nowadays, a digital visitor is just as valuable as a physical one, bringing together art, education, UX design, and conversion optimization.Together with the museum's digital team, Eidra created the world's first touch-optimized-content-first museum website, the groundbreaking Rijksstudio, where visitors can create a collection of high-resolution images. We optimized conversion by redesigning the visitor flow and built an integrated webshop. We also designed and developed the native app to support museum visits and the interactive tour in the museum and created various online experiences such as 'Closer to Johannes Vermeer.'