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We live in a world where everything is happening at once. Technological innovation. Social upheaval. Ecological impact. Everything affects everything else, profoundly and immediately.The companies that succeed in this complexity will be those with the courage and agility to act on new opportunities. And for that success to last, sustainable growth is an imperative:Companies that don't have the ability to change will quickly find themselves becoming irrelevant. While those that grow at the expense of society or the environment will be treated as part of the problem.We believe businesses need a new kind of partner to help them rise to these demands. One that can help them to make the bold decisions they need to reach scale while staying true to their values.We are Eidra: a consultancy collective made up of the best companies in strategy, creativity and innovation.We’re consultants, creatives and engineers.And we’re built to provide leaders with the concentrated expertise they need to drive commercial advantage, at speed.With a foundation of management consultancy, we orchestrate the process from strategy to execution.We help leaders create great change.

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A consultancy collective, orchestrating change from strategy to execution

Born in the Nordics and headquartered in Stockholm, we have sought out kindred spirits around the world, building strong operations in the Nordics, the Netherlands and the US. Today, Eidra includes Above, Ariel, Alexander Reklamebyrå, Conversionista, Cupole, Curamando, Curious Mind, Fabrique, Goods, Heydays, Kurppa Hosk, Kurppa Hosk Communications, Los & Co, Mission Anew, Neue, Tba, Q42 and Umain. We’re now 1200+ strong, including strategists, creatives, and engineers. Our company is built on a foundation of management consultancy competency that allows us to effortlessly transition between strategy and implementation.

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  • Strategy & Change
  • Brand, Marketing & Experience
  • Innovation, Technology & Data

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