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ARC creates 6500 sqm hub at Birger Jarlsgatan to house talent

ARC Building Grev Tureplan

ARC Arise Consulting will take over the entire building at Birger Jarlsgatan 16, Grev Tureplan, in the center of Stockholm. The property is now being renovated and the move will take place in the Spring of 2024.

ARC today has nine companies and +700 employees — and is growing rapidly through key recruitments and acquisitions. ARC’s ambition is to create a meeting place beyond the ordinary. Since the group’s inception, a signature office in the heart of Stockholm has been top of mind and in the making. 

"We’re on track with our growth plans — we’re investing long term in a centrally located meeting hub for our people, companies, and clients."

- Mattias Olofsson, VD, ARC Arise Consulting

Growing at the current high-speed pace has made the need for more space crucial for ARC. Therefore, while waiting for the Grev Tureplan building, ARC will move into 5000 sqm at Mäster Samuelsgatan 56, Klara Zenit, in Stockholm. The premises are now being adjusted to fit ARC’s needs, and the move will take place in May 2022.

“The ARC Zenit office will be an interim solution for us, but it will still serve as a great home base for our companies and people. The space will center around large social areas, where our people and clients can meet, interact, and create together.”

– Mattias Olofsson, VD, ARC Arise Consulting

At the Zenit office, ARC will collaborate with client Nornorm, a fully circular, subscription-based furnishing service, for their furniture and interior solutions. This gives ARC a minimum carbon footprint while enabling the flexibility required to respond to ARC’s high growth.

About ARC

By selecting companies with contrasting perspectives and experiences, ARC Arise Consulting has built a new kind of advisory firm. A powerhouse for accelerating their clients’ growth in a highly transformative landscape. 

ARC operates at the intersection of sales & marketing, brand & communication, innovation & technology, and strategy & change. Today, ARC consists of Cupole, Curamando, Conversionista, Ariel, Animal, Kurppa Hosk, Nameless.today, Above and Umain – a diverse team of creative, strategic, and digital thinkers.

ARC is co-owned by PE company Altor.

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