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ARC strengthens its ambition in sustainability through key acquisition

Silla Levin, Managing Director Kurppa Hosk; Mattias Olofsson, CEO ARC, Anna Högberg, Managing Director Mission anew; Rebecka Carlsson, Sustainable Business Advisor ARC; Joel Lindefors, Chief Innovation Officer Mission anew.

The group ARC Arise Consulting is making key advances within their sustainability offering by acquiring the impact agency Mission anew that has been operating since 2010. The owners Anna Högberg and Joel Lindefors join ARC together with all their employees. Earlier this year, ARC also hired the sustainability entrepreneur and author Rebecka Carlsson in the role of Sustainable Business Advisor.

ARC has been developing its offering in sustainability since its inception and is now taking the next far-reaching step in its investment within this area – moving from theory and urgency to practice and impact.

ARC’s goal is to become our clients’ partner in Sustainability Scaling. In this way, we help them in all aspects of their growth journey. This is a strategic acquisition and an important piece of the puzzle in ARC’s continued investment. We see the same shift in business that we saw in the digital field ten years ago. It is imperative that companies act quickly and vigorously to create sustainable business models.

- Mattias Olofsson, CEO, ARC Arise Consulting

“We see a rapidly growing demand from our customers and the business community in general, to integrate sustainability approach into business development, in innovation work, and use the brand as a catalyst for change. We forge ourselves with new ideas, new tools, and new goals to continue to support that transformation. That’s why we take the name Mission anew. Together with other experts within ARC, we will help our customers take a unique position in their industry and accelerate the critical shifts within their business,” continues Anna Högberg, Managing Director of the impact agency Mission anew.

The transition to sustainable development will affect all systems and societies globally. Therefore, it is also of the highest priority for the business community and drives demand for ARC’s services. ARC’s customer promise is to help their clients drive change and scale sustainable business models, operations, and innovative solutions at a rapid pace.

“ARC will take a clear position in Sustainability Scaling and, with the help of the latest research and technology in sustainability, develop new innovative solutions that aim to benefit people, society and the planet on a large scale,” says Rebecka Carlsson, Sustainable Business Advisor at ARC.

About ARC Arise Consulting

By bringing together companies with contrasting and passionate perspectives and experiences, ARC Arise Consulting has built a completely new kind of consulting company— A “powerhouse” to accelerate its customers’ digital growth and sustainability.

ARC operates at the intersection of sales and marketing, branding and communication, innovation and technology, and strategy and change. Today, ARC consists of Cupole, Curamando, Conversionista, Ariel, Animal, Kurppa Hosk, Nameless.today, Above, Umain and Mission anew – a diverse team of creative, strategic and digital thinkers.

Altor Equity Partners, the private equity firm, is the leading external investor supporting the group’s growth journey.

About Mission anew

Mission anew is a reborn impact agency within ARC. We help our clients to scale and speed up the transition into a thriving and resilient place for all living kinds. We make sure our clients get the full picture of their material impacts and their endless opportunities ahead. We draw balancing maps, envision new possibilities, and create organizational engagement for the transformational roadmap ahead.

Mission anew – a reborn impact agency and a part of ARC.

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