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Business Materiality - How to go beyond CSRD compliance

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How to go beyond CSRD compliance and finally merge sustainability and business

Let’s state the obvious. Humanity is facing one of the most challenging periods of all time. To address the environmental and social crisis, the corporate world needs to take great responsibility.

The European Union took a big step in this direction by launching its new sustainability directive, CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

The legislation requires companies to do sustainability reporting in a standardized way, making it possible for investors and consumers to compare companies from a sustainability point of view.

When it comes to CSRD, the rules and regulations may be in everyone’s focus. However, the true strength of the legislation lies in its ability to steer the forces of capitalism toward a sustainable path. This steering is critical for achieving the fundamental changes our world desperately needs.

However, companies wanting to lead and be the benchmark of their industry must look beyond CSRD compliance and truly merge their goals and strategies for business and sustainability. This idea is hardly new, but now it’s time to actually do it.

At Eidra (formally ARC Arise Consulting), we have developed an approach for how: Business Materiality.

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