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Cupole becomes part of ARC

Christer Björk and Mattias Olofsson

Curamando, Kurppa Hosk, Animal, Conversionista and Keybroker created a new company group with Altor as co-owner. Today, management consultants Cupole are joining the group, which takes the name ARC (Arise Consulting Group).

"Digitalisation has accelerated the demand for specialisation. We want to be able to offer support in the areas that our customers require"

- Mattias Olofsson, CEO of ARC

ARC has had its eyes on Cupole for a long time – not least because Cupole improved its results during corona, while many competitors experienced the opposite. During the broken fiscal year stretching until August, Cupole made its best results since the start 10 years ago, and improved the result by 14% compared to the previous year. The group as a whole also appears to achieve increased business volumes compared with 2019.

– The demand for strategic consulting, creative communication, optimisation and streamlining has actually increased during the pandemic. Although many clients were cautious about investing at the beginning of the crisis, it has gradually become clear that they cannot afford to let development be neglected. All in all, this looks to be a very good year for us, says Mattias Olofsson.

ARC combines expertise in business development, branding, marketing and sales from the different companies. It’s a unique group – both in terms of the companies’ composition and strategy.

– We want to be able to offer expertise in most of the areas that growing companies need help with today, in a market that is largely digitised. Cupole strengthens our position as a greenhouse for Swedish companies in a global arena and we are glad that they and Altor share that vision with us, says Mattias Olofsson.

With the new name, the ambition is to build a clearer group identity, while the companies within the group continue operations under their own brands.

“This will be a new chapter, which creates great opportunities for Cupole. Our typical client is the CEO or board with ambitious goals for the business, and our experience is that the strategy for achieving their ambition increasingly includes a digital component. This makes ARC’s offer unique, thanks to the low threshold for involving the leading experts in the market”

- Christer Björk, Chairman of the Board of Cupole.

The fusion of management, digital and creative operations has become more popular in recent years, but ARC differs from other players on the market. Most examples contain a giant that connects a more creative business to it, whereas ARC consists of several medium-sized businesses that have seen mutual needs for each other’s expertise.

The parties do not communicate any financial information regarding the merger, apart from the fact that Cupole’s shareholders exchange their ownership for shares in the group as a whole.

Elin Kiw
Head of Communications, Eidra
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