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The consultancy collective Eidra will make its debut at Almedalen with the introduction of a cutting-edge, AI-powered live analysis of political speeches. With “Klartext”, Eidra is set to demonstrate how AI can enhance the understanding of political discourse by examining rhetorical figures, emotional engagement and political commitments.

We seek to initiate a dialogue on how AI can assist companies and organizations in transformation and move forward by showcasing the powerful capabilities that AI can offer to teams and leaders at all levels,

- Måns Jacobsson Hosk, co-CEO of Eidra

The tool will evaluate parameters such as promises, optimism, and dystopian narratives. Are the politicians speaking clearly, coherently and factually, or rather in vague fashion and filled with emotions? Which political themes permeate the policy solutions proposed for Sweden? Daily analyses will be published alongside a report at the end of the week.

Eidra sees significant business potential in AI-driven analysis of speech, particularly as future customer interactions are set to be increasingly based on conversational AI technology.

With Klartext, we aim to showcase how AI can be leveraged to create value. In a world driven by AI, it is essential for companies to develop an intuitive understanding of such technology and innovative solutions, added Måns Jacobsson Hosk.

The speeches will be broadcast live from Eidra’s “The Garden of Great Change” at Blockgränd 6 from June 25 to June 28. The leaders of the political parties are scheduled to deliver their speeches at 11:00 and 19:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and at 11:00 on Friday. The Garden of Great Change will be a hub for innovation, brand development, and sustainability. Eidra will deepen the dialogue on how business leaders, the business landscape, and society more generally can move from words to action in transformation and value creation, featuring experts such as Rebecka Carlsson, Fredrik Holmén, and Carolina Sachs.

You can read more about the events, which will include interactive sessions, case studies, seminars, and future outlooks, and register for the major networking event on June 26, at arc-almedalen.se.



Elin Kiw
Head of Communications, Eidra
Email: elin.kiw@eidra.com
Phone: +46 70 777 2267


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